About Me

I’m Liora, and my lifelong journey of working with children spans more than four decades. My roles as a dedicated kindergarten teacher and a passionate storyteller have allowed me to witness the transformative power of puppetry in the realm of childhood.

Over the years, I’ve come to a profound realization: puppets hold the key to the hearts of children. In many instances, these enchanting companions serve as the vital bridge between the child and the adult world. A puppet, you see, possesses a unique ability to listen without judgment, to absorb insults and frustrations with grace, and to safeguard the whispered secrets of young souls. What sets puppets apart is their remarkable capacity to respond in ways that no one else can, creating a magical connection that transcends ordinary communication.

About me - Liora Shapira - Boobalach

Whenever people stroll by my puppet booth at fairs, an irresistible urge takes hold of them. They simply can’t resist the magnetic charm of my creations, prompting them to pause, gaze in awe, and inevitably break into joyful smiles. What truly warms my heart is the knowledge that I’ve succeeded in bringing a moment of happiness to their lives, even if it’s only for a fleeting instant.